Tsar Yama Group

Tsar Yama Group was founded in 2002 in Athens (Greece) by Amper Alex Niсo and Tsar Yama. On November 21, 2002, the band released a single album, albeit on two discs, and disbanded at the end of 2003. The main frontman of the band Alexander Morgen focused all his efforts on the band Arisk Priest, and the drummer Tsar Yama returned to the band Nico. The fate of the other members of this group is unknown.

Tsar Yama (Nico) - drums, percussion, voice, programming samples
Alexander Morgen (ex. SatanistArisk Priest) - guitar, voices
Narcobaron - keyboards
Dr. Syrup - bass
In 2002 , the band took first place in the Top for 2002 musical label Arisk Star


Tsar Yama - All The Syrup Out

style - Grindcore (CD-1)
style - Rock, Noise (CD-2)
all music by and lyrics by: Arisk Priest, Amper Alex Nico
engineered and mixed by: Amper Alex Nico
cover design by: Arisk Priest, Amper Alex Nico
produced by: Amper Alex Nico
recorded, mixed and mastered during July-November 2002 at MHSC
Tsar Yama - drums, percussion, voice, programming samples
Arisk Priest - guitars, voices
Narcobaron - keyboards
Dr.Syrup - bass
01.Markis de FM - 2:09
02.Funeral Fanatic - 2:48
03.Ritual of Detaching Stupid Heads - 2:08
04.Caligula, Call Me at L.A. - 3:05
05.Eat Gut-Spaghetti - 2:00
06.Dr.Syrup - 2:10
07.Motoguts - 2:45
08.Tornado Sado - 2:09
09.Blood Cross - 2:45
10.Nuclear Relaxation - 3:08
total time: 25:32
01.H.I.M. (Hyper Instrumental Metal) - 3:57
02.Maniac Cognac - 2:58
03.Lovely Mary Meat-Chopper - 4:13
04.Buddhist - Sadist - 2:41
05.Tsar Yama - 6:06
06.Aryan Empire - 15:18
total time: 35:13