Tilak: Trance Yoga

Tilak: Trance Yoga — The group was named after Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, the author of historical and philological studies.



The group was founded in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2004 by Swa and Amper Alex Nico.

At the beginning of 1999, Swa (she was 11 years old at the time) and her family moved to live from the city of Zelenograd, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

There she studied at school, and also organized with another girl Astika in 2002, the group Astika & Swastika playing in the dance style.

In early 2004, Swa organized a new band Tilak, playing in the trance style. The team was formed on the basis of its first group. Swa played bass guitar and percussion instruments.

In 2005, on the Cypriot music label Arisk Star, the band released their first album "Las-Vedas"

with a portrait of Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak on the cover.

In 2006, the band was awarded the title of "The Best Band of the Year on the Arisk Star music label".

The best song of the year in 2005 was "Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak".

"Aryan Zone" was recognized as the best song of the year in 2007. For more details, see:

In 2011, the band extended its name to Tilak: Trance Yoga. In 2014, there were changes in the group:

Hj-Dj Arctika left, and Tsar Yama, a drummer from the Cypriot band Amper Nico and Kali Yuga, a keyboardist from the Indian

band of the same name, joined the group.

In 2015, on March 30, a Swa (1988 — 2015) died in a car accident in India, in the state of Punjab, near the city of Amritsar.

In this regard, Arctic returned to the group and thanks to this, the collective did not break up, but, on the contrary, released an album dedicated to her on the ninth day

after the death of  Swa.

In April 2016, Tsar Yama left the band, he finally moved to the band Battering Ram of Aššyria, and Alka Sing, she moved to Thule-Orden as a vocalist. The Devon brothers were taken in their place.


The band plays in the style of trance experimental yoga.

Basically, the author of the lyrics and music is Amper Alex Niсo. The whole atmosphere is immersed in Tibetan meditation.

The band has been working on the fifth studio album Synthesis of Yoga for a long thirteen years, during which time several working album titles, several compositions, as well as the concept of the album itself have changed, but the most important thing is that the band was able to create seven songs that, like the seven peaks of Tibet, will rise in the world of electronic music for a long time.


Composition from 2004 to 2013:

Hj-Dj Arctika — вокал, гитара, клавишные
Alka Sing — гитара
Swa — бас-гитара, ударные инструменты, перкуссия, вокал, бэк-вокал

Состав c 2014 год:

Alka Sing — гитара, вокал
Swa — бас-гитара, вокал
Tsar Yama — ударные инструменты, перкуссия, вокал
Kali Yuga — клавишные, пианино, вокал

Состав на 31.03.2015 год:

Hj-Dj Arctika — вокал, гитара, клавишные
Alka Sing 
— бас-гитара, вокал
Tsar Yama
 — ударные инструменты, перкуссия, вокал
Kali Yuga — клавишные, пианино, вокал

Состав на 11.04.2016 год:

Hj-Dj Arctika — вокал, гитара, клавишные
Sasha Devon — бас-гитара
Emil Devon — ударные инструменты, перкуссия
Kali Yuga 
— клавишные, пианино, вокал

Бывшие участники

Swa (1988 — 2015) †
Tsar Yama
Alka Sing


Studio albums

2005 — Las-Vedas
2007 — Tilak II
2014 — Pompa Yoga
2015 — R.I.P. 1988—2015
2017 — Synthesis of Yoga


2018 — The Best of

Solo albums

Tsar Yama

2002 — All the Syrup Out (2CD)


2015 — From the Series «Legends Arisk Star»

Все альбомы выпущены на лейбле Arisk Star 

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