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The group was founded in Petrozavodsk, Russia in 2002 by Thule and Amper Alex Nico. At the end of 2002, Thule moved to live in Athens from Petrozavodsk. In the beginning, the group was formed on the basis of another group Amper Nico. Thule played keyboards in this band from 2001 to 2002, and vocalist Hyperion began to combine his duties in these two groups. The band never had any problems with the release of albums, since Amper Alex Nico was the head of the Arisk Star music label at that time.

In 2005, the band was awarded the title of "The Best Band of the Year on the Arisk Star music label".

"Sansara" was recognized as the best song of the year in 2002. For more details, see:

Since 2006, the word Orden has been added to the name of Thule. In April 2016, Syria left the band, she moved to the Sevastopol metal band Batterring Ram of Aššyria, Alka Sing from the Cypriot band Tilak: Trance Yoga took her place.


The styles of music of different albums were radically different, varying in sound from cosmic noises to experimental ambient noise. The latest album "Thorden" is much heavier than the previous albums and it presents the German-Scandinavian mythology from the Younger Edda and the Elder Edda to the Wolf Fenris. The main author of the lyrics and music is Amper Alex Nico.


Thule - keyboards, organ, vocals
Hyperion - vocals, guitar, bass
Qubera - drums, percussionvocals
Alka Sing - vocals

Former members

Ulus Juchi - bass
LaValettt - drums, percussion
E2-E4 - music programming
Syria - vocals


Studio albums

2002 — Varuna
2002 — Sansara
2004 — Meru
2005 — Thule III
2018 — Stars Over Tartary - Thule IV
2019 — Hollow Earth


2011 — Thorden


2011 — Thorden (with band Astika & Swastika)

2012 — Night Of The Long Knives (with band Vril-Orden)


2014 — The Best

All albums are released on the Cyprus label Arisk Star 

Group sites: facebook realmusic reverbnation twitter vk

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Thule-Orden - Hollow Earth

Thule-Orden - Hollow Earth

Label: Arisk Star Company Ltd. Catalog#: ASCD0143 Genre: Rock Style: Ambient, Noise&n..


Thule-Orden - Stars Over Tartary - Thule IV

Thule-Orden - Stars Over Tartary - Thule IV

Label: Arisk Star Company Ltd.Catalog#: ASCD0132Genre: ElectronicaStyle: Noise, Experimental, Ambien..


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