Stella Galla

Stella was born on March 4 in Zaraysk.


In 2005, she founded the band Hyperborea with Ampere (Ampere Alex Nico). she played keyboards and was also responsible for lead vocals.

On March 4, 2009, Stella and Ampere founded the Blues rock band Stella XXL. In 2011L, the band released their first instrumental album, which was closer to jazz than to Blues. Then the band began to explore the planets of the Solar system, deciding to release a series of albums "Parade of planets"(Parade of Planets), which were already bright Blues sounding. The band was particularly successful with the tracks "mercury", "Jupiter"and " Saturn". Early fans of the band, as well as music critics, highlighted the track "Saturn". In 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, the band was awarded the title "Best band of the year on the Arisk Star music label". In 2012 the track "Mercury" in 2017 "Summer Festival" in 2018 and 2019, "Vezna Krasna" was awarded best song of the year on the same label, and in 2012 the album "Parade of Planets" , in 2017 and 2019, "Night Rendezvous" and 2018 "Seasons" was awarded as the best albums of the year at a music label Arisk Star. On December 21, Stella joined the super-band Vedic Social Empire as a vocalist and guitarist.

At the moment, Stella has released with three bands: 10 albums, 1 EP, 4 Singles and 1 Demo.

Interview With Stella Galla

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