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Born in 1988 in Russia in Zelenograd, MD 17. At school age she moved with her parents to live in Nicosia, Cyprus.

R.I.P. (1988-2015) †

Swa has released 3 bands so far:

9 albums, 9 EPS, 1 Single , 1 Split and 1 Demo.

In early 2000, she met Astika. In 2003, Astika and Swastika, took this nickname at this time, decided to organize their group called Astika & Swastika. The Swa in the group was responsible for guitar, bass, drums and vocals, At the end of 2003, the girls quickly recorded a demo and Astika took it to our label because it was well known on the label (it at the time as "fall", was part of the Russian group Arisk Priest), the work was immediately accepted and soon they released their demo "Daryan".

In 2004, Swa founded the group Tilak in Cyprus, and with This group in 2005 released the album "Las-Vedas". In 2007, she joined the Russian band Hyperborea and in the same 2007, participated in the recording of the album "Arkaim". Later she released her second album "Tilak II"with the band Tilak. Label Arisk Star five times (so many times no one else) was recognized as the best group of the year group Astika & Swastika (2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010), in 2006 with a group of Tilak received the same recognition from the label.

In 2013, the group Astika & Swastika took sixth place among all groups and performers of Cyprus of all time, an incredible result, if we take into account that in Cyprus there were thousands of applicants for the title.

In 2015, on March 30 in a car accident killed Swa (1988-2015) in India, in Punjab, near the city of Amritsar.

On April 3, 2015, Astika and Amper Alex Nico announced the dissolution of the band a&S. the band Tilak: Trance Yoga did not break up, and released on the ninth day after the death of Swa dedicated to her.


Astika & Swastika

2003 - Daryan (Demo)

2004 - Furer Furee

2005 - Cometa Spring

2008 - Terema Derma (EP)

2008 - Tamerlania (EP)

2009 - OTANism (EP)

2009 - Zonder (EP)

2009 - Aryans & Jewels

2009 - Attack of Pluto (EP)

2010 - Konungi (EP)

2010 - S.T.A.L.I.N

2011 - Lesbos-City (EP)

2011 - Thorden (Split with group Thule-Orden)

2011 - Captain Gothia (EP)

2012 - Tmutarakan (Single)

2014 - Ella Morgen (EP)

Tilak: Trance Yoga

2005 - Las-Vedas

2007 - II

2014 - Pompa Yoga


2007 - Аркаим

Swa (Solo album)

2015 - From The Series “Legends Arisk Star”