Batterring Ram of Aššyria

The group was founded on February 8, 2016 in Sevastopol.

Plays in the style of: Nu-Metal, Ambient, Noise


Initial composition:

Alex Solo (Сombat Сhariots of Chersonesus) - guitar, vocals, co-producer, music by
Astika (ex. Arisk Priest; ex. Astika & SwastikaSatanist) - keyboards, vocals
Amper Alex Nico (ex. Steppen Mack; ex. Astika & SwastikaAmper Nico) - bass, vocals, producer, lyric by
Syria (ex. Kali Yuga; ex.Thule-OrdenNitokris to Babylon) - backing vocals
Aman Aturo (ex. The Delta Prince Fear) - guitar
Tsar Yama (ex. Tsar Yama; ex.Tilak: Trance YogaZoran Leleka Rock Group) - drums, percussion


2016 - Устрою Трою (with group Сombat Сhariots of Chersonesus) (Nebuchadnezzar Records)
2016 - Bloody Lioness from the Temple of Ishtar (Arisk Star)
2016 - Висячий .ад (with group Satanist) (Nebuchadnezzar Records)

Group Sites: bandcamp reverbnation twitter spotify vk